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Don't let rusty Interview skills or poor strategy stand in the way of landing the job you're meant to have


The interview is one of those key career pivot points. It is a gate to change and growth. You can develop greater competence in this area with interview coaching services and a mock interview – even to the point where the interview becomes a moment when you shine.

It is time you mastered the Interview

There is a Science and an Art to Interviewing. The science part is skills and preparation.

Over the years, as an executive recruiter, manager, career coach and consultant, and columnist to the largest career sites in the world, I have done 1000’s of interviews. I am called in regularly to the Business Schools to provide interview coaching with MBA students.

I want to share with you the strategies, tips, techniques and tools that I have developed in my 20+ years interviewing executives, managers, professionals & business students. I want to help you make that link between what you offer and the underlying requirements of the job.

Trick Question: Why Interview?

I know what you are thinking. This is a no-brainer question. Actually, it isn’t. If your response is “To get the job,” I would challenge you on that.

In fact, I’d like to suggest that your interview objective usually is different than that.

I think that what you really want, or should want, is the opportunity to take the next step in the interview process.

Why opportunity? Because you may choose not to pursue the job.

Why next step in process? Hiring is a process. If you are gunning to get hired in the first interview (which tends to be about gate keeping), then you have the wrong objective. Your goal in that interview should simply be to get through the gate.

Are you with me? At some point in the process, the next step is the job offer, and that’s great. But recognize that not all interviews are created equal.

I am also making a subtle, but important point about your relationship to the opportunity. It is a two-way street, or should be. You have the power to say no, to elect not to continue in the process. Use that power as you go through the process. It will free you up and lessen that all too common performance anxiety that occurs in this scary thing called an interview.

How to Perform in an Interview

Interviewing successfully requires that you articulate and sell the link between what you offer and the buyer’s requirements. You are called on to demonstrate your level of competency in key job areas, sell your knowledge of the industry, and demonstrate fit. And amidst this selling, you need to be assessing your own sense of fit and suitability – for the job, the people, the culture and as a next step in your career. Beyond these fundamentals, you are also creating rapport with your potential future colleagues. In the end, it is about how well you have answered their implicit question: “Why you?”

The key pillars to interviewing well are:

  • Interviewing for a job that is a fit
  • A strong level of self-awareness about your professional offering
  • A true level of interest or curiosity about the opportunity
  • Strong technical performance and avoidance of the red flags
  • Insightful understanding of the hiring organization and the position being filled
  • The ability to connect the dots between your background, competencies, expertise and track record of performance with their needs.

I have written widely on interviewing coaching

Here is a selection of articles from my blog and articles I’ve published:

“I’m just following up with you to let you know that your mock interview service was such a valuable investment. I got the job offer and will accept it.”

Interview Skills & Strategy Course

Whether you’ve just landed an interview and are scrambling to prepare, or are taking a proactive approach to levelling-up your skills and getting market ready for future career moves, I’m here to help.

This course represents my deep knowledge and experience in the field and I’ve taken care to provide you with a learning resource that will transform your understanding of and performance in the interview. Learn more on my Career Growth Essentials site.

Get Interview Coaching

Interview Coaching Packages

Mid-Career Interview Coaching Package

3-Hours + Course + Workbooks
$ 649
  • We review your resume (& job posting, if applicable)
  • 3-Hours (typically 2-90 min sessions) with expert career coach
  • Strategic, Insightful Interview Course
  • Interview Strategy Workbook
  • Question Response Workbook
  • Personalized Coaching on Strategy, Content, Tone, Energy & Confidence

Senior Managers & Executives Interview Coaching Package

3-Hours + Course + Workbooks
$ 799
  • Work with a Senior Consultant
  • We review your resume (& job posting, if applicable)
  • 3-Hours (typically 2-90min sessions) with expert career coach
  • Strategic, Insightful Interview Course
  • Interview Strategy Workbook
  • Question Response Workbook
  • Personalized Coaching on Strategy, Content, Tone, Energy & Confidence

1-1 Interview Coaching

Getting expert help for a specific interview or in advance of the expected interview phase of your job search or internal promotion process is a very smart investment when:

  • You have been out of the job search game for awhile
  • You have no idea or a very fuzzy idea what behavioral interviewing is
  • You have an upcoming internal promotion opportunity
  • You are trying to make a career change
  • You have a lot riding on your interviewing performance
  • Your experience is complex
  • You are not clear how to connect the dots between what you offer and the requirements of the job

Key Benefits of Interview Coaching

 Understand Interviewing Theory

  • Interview & Question types including behavioural theory
  • Analysis of buyer needs
  • Analysis of your match and gaps
  • Your response: connecting the dots and storytelling
  • How to lead with your strengths and bolster your weaknesses

Gain Confidence & Skill with Live Practice & Feedback

  • Get practice performing under pressure and receive supportive, but candid feedback on the impression you are making
  • Get help anticipating specific questions & designing responses

Expert Advice & Strategy on Opportunities

  • We help you anticipate and preparing for the employer’s concerns about gaps in your offering and questions
  • Insights on key selling points and focus areas
  • Expert strategy as you move from 1st to subsequent interviews

And of course, dramatically raising your game so that you put yourself in a position where you can say no, or yes.

Put our experience in interview coaching to work

  • Clarify and sharpen your presentation
  • Identify and craft your stories in response to behavioural interviewing questions
  • Design a strategic response to the requirements of the role. Clarify both areas of strength and the gaps in your candidacy
  • Speak to both the stated and implicit requirements of the job opportunity

The interview coaching services on this page are born from my experience, including thousands of interviews, proven with hundreds of clients, and validated by the expert status accorded by and other major job boards, the MBA programs that call on BoldCareer for interviewing solutions, and the TV, print radio and online media that rely on BoldCareer for expert input on interviewing and other career management skills.

Get in touch to determine if we can support you for your upcoming interview

Process & FAQs

How does Interview Coaching work? What is the process?

  1. Complete your purchase and book your appointment using the links above. You will receive an email receipt with instructions.
  2. Send us the posting / job description and your resume / LinkedIn profile URL. 
  3. We will prep for the meeting and devise questions.
  4. We meet (in-person / Zoom / phone) to strategize and practice. We will provide interview coaching feedback and help shape your answers and action items to better prepare.

What if I need Interview Coaching urgently? 

The links above will show you our team’s availability.

What do I need to do? 

Provide us with the job posting / role description, your resume / LinkedIn profile url, and any notes on the situation and your candidacy. 

What is your refund policy? 

You can request a refund up to and including the first 30 minutes of the consultation. We do not issue refunds beyond that point. 


We are based in Vancouver Canada. We provide interview coaching in-person for local clients, and over Zoom/Skype for clients based in centres across Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, etc) and across the United States and Internationally. 

Your skills in clarifying and organizing thoughts and presentation are considerable. I won’t hesitate to recommend you to others.