The work we do together could enable you to…

  • Make a strong, strategic career transition
  • Land that next, exciting job or promotion
  • Finally develop a resume and LinkedIn profile that you’re proud of
  • Gather strength from a deeper understanding of your value
  • Uncover and explore career paths, market niches and career directions
  • Pursue those career directions with more confidence & strategy
  • Ramp-up your marketing platform
  • Develop a stronger network & build enhanced profile
  • And design a stronger professional future

We couldn’t be happier when one of our clients (and often friends) succeed…

From landing that dream job, to supporting a client through a forced transition, to creating an exciting plan for the future, to finding just the right words to express the client’s unique thing, to helping them uncover, appreciate and own their own unique professional background, to designing a state-of-the-art LinkedIn profile or resume, to being a strategic partner when key career opportunities emerge, to coaching on ongoing professional momentum…

We love what we do…

Our work with individual clients: If you are interested in working together to further your professional development and would like to learn more, determine which services are best for you or obtain a quote, please use the form below to tell us about your goals and situation. We will get back to you personally. (We take your privacy seriously. All of our communications are kept in the strictest confidence.)

If you’d like to directly book career coaching / consulting session/s, or an interview coaching session / package, please visit our booking page to select a service, register and schedule your session. 

Ian Christie
CEO – The Bold Career Project