Hi. I'm Ian Christie, an executive career consultant based in Vancouver Canada. For over 20 years, I've been focused on supporting the career development, career moves and personal branding and personal marketing for executives, mid-level and other senior-level professionals. On this page, I describe career coaching and services available. Interested? Get in touch. 

Typical situations that I can help…

  • Help you make sense of your career journey to date
  • Help you set a direction and path for the future
  • Help you proactively define your professional value and your natural target markets as part of your professional development
  • Leveraging my 5 Pillars of Career Growth Model, assess and tackle in a strategic way the different aspects of your portfolio
  • Help you with situational awareness in your current role; identify areas of strength and weakness, opportunities and threat and set action plans in motion
  • Help you navigate your career and career growth from within your current organization
  • Support your success in your job mandate, particularly in environments that are stretching capabilities or challenging
  • Help you on-board successfully into a new role
  • Help you compete for a promotion
  • Work with you on an ongoing basis to help you achieve your career goals.
  • Upgrade your personal branding, get you up to speed on LinkedIn
  • Help you prepare for a specific opportunity (strategy, resume, cover letter, interview coaching)
  • Help you design and navigate a job search (proactive or forced or as an outplacement solution) where your target is similar or at the next level to where you are currently
  • Help you undertake and navigate a career change; either one where you have ideas to explore and validate, or where your search is open-ended

Which means results that include…

  • Finally discovering, parsing, appreciating and articulating your professional assets
  • Successful transitions resulting in a bigger role, potentially more income, and/or achieving more alignment between your work and your strengths, interests and values
  • Achieving a greater degree of control over your professional destiny, increased market power and more degrees of professional freedom
  • The pursuit of a bold idea of how you want to contribute in the world
  • And when you need to outsource work on your LinkedIn profile / strategy, resume, etc., a savings of your valuable time and attention.

Who are my Clients? 

Individuals with a track record of accomplishment and success in their chosen field. Clients connect with us from across the US and Canada as well as Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Business professionals navigating career moves and key pivot points on their journey from Manager to Chief-level.

Self-Employed / Entrepreneurs: We are big supporters of alternative work and career models. 

Senior creatives, talented professionals, and other types of professionals

The key roles we play with our clients..

Seer: I have an uncanny ability to pull the threads of your career together, to define patterns and identify opportunities and areas of strength

Trusted Advisor: Honest & critical feedback, high-level, insightful advice

Champion: Unconditional support & encouragement balanced with honest feedback. Constructive challenges to assumptions

Expert: Real-world, proven practical advice, process and insights. Deep understanding of the branding, marketing, career management and the movement of talent at senior levels

If you're looking for ongoing support, this page offers quarterly and monthly service options. 

I'm Practical. Strategic. Experienced. And a fantastic ideation partner. If that sounds like a fit, read on...

  • Ian helped me to take my rather unclear thoughts and ideas regarding my future career path and crystallize them into a realistic and achievable plan to move forward. His approach is straightforward, forthright and it is clear he has a good deal of experience in his field.
    Brett Margolis, General Manager - Shanghai
  • A brilliant job helping me to concisely define my own career (and life) goals and objectives, which created an effective standard for evaluating alternative career opportunities. His help in building a negotiation strategy paid out 10x what I invested in his services.
    Matt Valle, SVP Sales
  • Working with Ian Christie has proven to be one of the best decisions I have made in my career. With Ian’s assistance, I developed an understanding of my own skills and abilities, and I now feel empowered as I know how and to whom I can market my skills to achieve desired results. I was a very challenging client as I had extensive experience in a unique industry with seemingly little transference to other industries; particularly industries that provided the personal fit I so desperately sought. Ian facilitated a structured analysis and definition of my skills which we then packaged and used to approach targeted firms. As a result, I was offered exactly what I was looking for: a challenging position; working with exceptional people and technology; and, within an industry that I am passionate about. I recommend Ian to anyone who wants to take charge of their career and establish a trajectory that can create considerable personal and professional growth.
    Sean Ellickson, Dir. Commercial - Vancouver

Quarterly Career Development Check-ins

Perfect for: 

Planning for your career development and keeping you on track
Goal setting, discuss progress against goals
Thinking through opportunities and challenges
Strategy, ideation and messaging
Laptops open working session on LinkedIn, etc.
Your sounding board, adviser, guide

Quarterly Check-in

One 90-min session per quarter

Goal-setting & Agenda development

Private, Shared Dropbox folder

VIP Quarterly Check-In

One 2-hour working session each quarter

Goal-setting & Agenda development

Email Support: Sounding board / problem solving / accountability check-in

Private, Shared Dropbox folder

Monthly Career Development Work

Perfect for: 

Pursuing more active goals, projects & questions related to your career development
Proactive, planned approach to a future career move (promotion, exploration, strategic move)
Planning for your career development and keeping you on track
Goal setting, discuss progress against goals
Thinking through opportunities and challenges
Strategy, ideation and messaging
Laptops open working session on LinkedIn, etc.
Your sounding board, adviser, guide

  • Ian has a caring and thoughtful approach to career coaching, grounded in a deep understanding of the local and national employment market, and a genuine desire to held people succeed. Ian recognizes and nurtures the talent in others, and this shines through as a colleague and peer as well as a professional coach. Ian is both liked and respected by our MBA students, and many owe their ultimate career success to his careful coaching and thoughtful program design
    Liz Starbuck-Greer, Assistant Dean, UBC Sauder School of Business - Vancouver
  • Having gone to Ian twice before in 2006 and 2010 and having had such excellent results, I decided to return to Ian for a 3rd time in 2016. I felt that I was neglecting my long-term career strategy. I met with Ian and we planned out a series of meetings and weekly assignments. This process not only helped me to work on materials for updating my LinkedIn site and future resume, but it enabled me to digest the last 6 years of hard work and begin to evaluate more clearly what I had already accomplished, where I was going, and how I wanted to move forward.
    I heartily recommend Ian for career coaching and guidance, for LinkedIn positioning, for resume and interview preparation, and for taking the long view about your career and where you are heading.
    David Gadd, Sr. iOS Developer & Team Lead

Process & FAQs

How does it work? What is the process? 

  1. Contact me to first explore if there is a mutual fit in working together and receive direction on the best service for your unique situation. 
  2. Complete your purchase online. You will receive an email receipt with onboarding instructions
  3. We will set you up to have full access to the client platform with course videos, workbooks, mind maps and other tools to support our work together. 
  4. We will arrange our first meeting either in-person or via Skype or phone.

How does billing work? 

All of the links above generate either a quarterly (every 90 days) or monthly (every 30 day) recurring billing cycle. You can cancel at any time and you won't be charged for the next billing cycle. 

Can I change my program? 

Absolutely. Your priorities and schedule might change. You can downgrade or upgrade the service package to suit your needs. 

What is your refund policy? 

You can request a full refund up to and including the first 30 minutes of the first consultation/meeting with no questions asked. And if at any point you choose to stop, you can cancel. 

Where do you serve clients?

I am based in Vancouver Canada. My clients are local, but also remote. I have or have had career coaching clients from Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria and other Canadian cities, across the U.S. including Seattle, Boston, New York, Chicago, etc.) and internationally including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, London, Paris, Stockholm and more. For remote clients, we work from Skype.

Get in touch to determine if it is a fit to work together on your project

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