Give Context to Increase LinkedIn Connection Request Accepts

LinkedIn Connection Requests

Here are some familiar words for users of LinkedIn… I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn Nine times out of ten, the LinkedIn connection invitations I receive come with the default text above. Granted, it is the fastest way of sending invitations. And when you and I know each other well, perhaps no more is needed. And LinkedIn has made it more difficult over the  years to write a personalized invite. Sections like People You May Know are hardwired to send an automatic … [Read more...]

Look Backward to Power Your Professional Journey


I bet that you have accomplished amazing things in your career so far. You have made an impact on people, processes, products, and performance. And along the way, you’ve gained valuable expertise and experience. Huzzah! Good for you. Unless…your recollections are fuzzy, your written data sparse, and your learnings unclear. With the passing of years, and in today’s busy, complex world, have you forgotten exactly where you’ve been and what you’ve learned? Test yourself with these 5 … [Read more...]

Battle these 5 Forces to Achieve your Professional Development Goals


I am so glad to be writing about this topic this week. You see, more than 80% of resolutions are dropped by January 17th. Great intentions at the beginning of the month slide away in the face of day-to-day pressures. If you are intent on doing something with your career this year (and I hope you are…we should all be developing professionally), then you need more than will power. You need to establish what you want. And then, you need to set firmly in your mind why this is important to you. … [Read more...]

Employee Disengagement Common – Globe & Mail Interview

I did a lead interview a few years back on employee disengagement for Canada's national newspaper, the Globe & Mail. Is your job satisfaction low? Do you feel disengaged with your work? More to the point, if you think that you have a pattern of self-sabotaging your career or feel disengaged with your job, is to analyze the situation: Is it the job or is it you? "Certainly a cause of disengagement could be bad times -- layoffs, continuous re-organization, uncertainty about what your job … [Read more...]

How to Build Relationships with Headhunters: 12 Ways to be Credible when the Executive Recruiter Calls

As a leader who cares about the health of their career, you need relationships with reputable executive recruiters (aka headhunters). The executive search or recruiting firms looking for management-level to executive-level talent can be an important channel of opportunity. Here are 12 ways to demonstrate credibility and build a relationship with a headhunter. First, search professionals come in a lot of shapes and sizes. One thing they ALL have in common however, is their constant need to … [Read more...]

How to Create Increased Job Security & Opportunity in your Current Company

I hope you are fortunate to have a boss who is your biggest champion. When the only person in your organization who knows the good work you do is your immediate manager, you have a problem. Your boss has their own career pressures. Your boss may view their success as being dependent on you staying where you are. And many managers are not attuned to the development needs of their team. Not to mention the risk of relying on one champion who at some point may leave the team or the organization … [Read more...]