How to Build Relationships with Headhunters: 12 Ways to be Credible when the Executive Recruiter Calls

As a leader who cares about the health of their career, you need relationships with reputable executive recruiters (aka headhunters). The executive search or recruiting firms looking for management-level to executive-level talent can be an important channel of opportunity. Here are 12 ways to demonstrate credibility and build a relationship with a headhunter. First, search […]

How to Create Increased Job Security & Opportunity in your Current Company

When the only person in your organization who knows the good work you do is your immediate manager, you have a problem. There is no getting around the fact that you need profile and relationships in other parts of your organization. Your goal is to have important, influential people in your organization think you are golden. One of their most valuable employees.

How to Conquer what’s Holding you Back

Between where you are now and the future you envision for yourself is an inner enemy. That enemy is **resistance**. From Steven Pressfield: 

> On the field of the Self stand a knight and a dragon. 
> You are the knight. Resistance is the dragon. 

The bolder your vision, the more formidable your enemy. Every one of us goes toe-to-toe with this enemy everyday. From sticking to an exercise regime or healthy eating, to professional projects like: 

* Launching your own thing
* Proactively moving out of your current job
* Expanding your professional network

My article on US Yahoo home page

A few years back, I wrote an article that seemed to resonate with people. The title was Stop Undermining yourself at work. Delighted to find out yesterday that this article was featured yesterday on the US Yahoo home page. Pretty cool. If you’ve stopped by as a result of that article, welcome. Glad to have […]

Site Journey to WordPress and Back Again

If you visited the site over the last 2 weeks, you may have notice a very different looking site and a few blog posts updating on a migration to Worpress from the Squarespace platform. Having tinkered and tried things out on WordPress (which is a fine platform), I have decided to come back to Squarespace.  […]