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As the market evolves, the bar gets higher for your LinkedIn profile. For good or bad, you’re putting yourself, and likely your company/employer out there. You need a LinkedIn strategy to best represent yourself. Enter our LinkedIn profile service.

Welcome to the Bold Career Project. This is CEO & Chief Career Strategist, Ian Christie. I’m a long-time fan of LinkedIn as a personal marketing platform and I had my profile up the year they launched.

  • Does your current LinkedIn profile make the grade?
  • Does your LinkedIn profile make the impression you want it to?
  • Are you leveraging LinkedIn as a platform and not just an online brochure or rolodex?

Tension #1: Your LinkedIn profile as promoting yourself vs. Your employer / company

Have you noticed the tension? Between your profile as personal marketing statement and platform and your profile as advertisement or business tool for your employer / company? It’s there and you need to resolve it.

Tension #2: How much to share on your LinkedIn Profile?

We’ve determined over the years working with clients, teaching and speaking on LinkedIn strategies to MBAs and writing on the topic that there are different profile types, based on market, comfort levels and professional situation and goals. Not one type. Several. Which LinkedIn profile should you adopt?

Expert LinkedIn Profile Services for
Executives, Senior Managers,
Entrepreneurs & MBAs

Our team understands LinkedIn profiles & resumes and the perspectives and behaviours of hiring managers, human resources, and executive recruiters. Most importantly, however, based on 20+ years of experience, we understand what it means to craft and design a professional, personal marketing document.

  • As a former executive recruiter, I reviewed and made decisions on hundreds of thousands of resumes
  • As global top 100 MBA career centre director, I advised and taught on LinkedIn profiles and strategies
  • As an executive career consultant and resume writer, I’ve helped hundreds of clients brand themselves, develop their careers and make strategic career moves

Can you benefit from our LinkedIn Profile services? 

  • Are you an executive or senior manager wanting to take better care of your online reputation and personal brand?
  • Are you a current executive-level candidate on an executive search or other live opportunity or are proactively exploring the market?
  • Are you a senior manager looking to break through to the executive level?
  • Are you a career changer looking to translate your experience and expertise to a new domain?
  • Are you an entrepreneur or self-employed professional looking to add LinkedIn to your marketing arsenal?

We can help you develop a magnetic
LinkedIn profile

We can help you leverage LinkedIn as your personal marketing / reputation management platform

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Process & FAQs

How does it work? What is the process for LinkedIn profile services?

  1. Complete your purchase online via credit card or paypal. You will receive an email receipt.
  2. We will follow-up with a personal email setting next steps and requesting your background information and the context of this project.
  3. We will agree on a course of action
  4. We schedule our consultation(s)
  5. We meet over the phone / Skype to discuss your goals, background and target market
  6. We will work on your materials and send you a draft.
  7. We exchange comments and you sign-off on finalization
  8. We complete and send you your materials.

How long does it take?

It depends on four factors: our current load of pre-existing client commitments, your level of urgency, how much digging you need to do (and your availability) and how much consulting time we need to design your unique value. For an urgent and relatively straight forward situation, it could be less than 48 hours. Typically, 5 days from our consultation.

What if I need it urgently?

Once we understand the scope of the work, we will tell you honestly if we can make the deadline. we will charge a rush fee of $150.

What do I need to do?

Provide us with your background material (past resume/CV, LinkedIn profile URL, notes or documentation), fill out the intake questionnaire (a valuable exercise in thinking through in advance key questions about your strategy).

I don’t want to spend any time on this. Can you just make it up?

No. We’re not the service for you.

What is your refund policy?

You can request a refund up to and including the (first) consultation. We do not offer refunds after that point.


We’re based in Vancouver Canada. Much of our work is remote and we provide the LinkedIn profile service to clients in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, other Canadian centres, across the United States and internationally.