This is Ian, founder of the Bold Career Project and I am putting to work my 20+ years of supporting managers, executives, self-employed professionals, MBAs and other leaders in building a tool kit to support your professional journey.

In an increasingly complex and competitive professional landscape where the rules are changing and traditional routes to career progression are less obvious, my mission is to help successful professionals better navigate their professional journey. And that means understanding your unique gifts and how to use them, closing the "marketing gap" between your offering and the marketplace,  and helping you design your direction and a platform to keep the business of "you" moving forward.

  • that rare combination of talent plus experience that makes someone exceptional at what they do
    Leon Campise
  • If you want to achieve Everest-like career goals, Ian is the guide to help you get there!
    Cory Smith
  • Ian offers tremendous knowledge and insight into the world of career planning. Ian helped me explore new career options after spending 15 years in a single industry. He helped me to articulate my skills and experience in a way that made them transferable to other industries. He opened my eyes to different career models and to target options that fit my interests. Ian prepared me to navigate the transition process with confidence.
    Matthew Jackson
  • His unique gift is his ability to transfer his vast knowledge and insight to another individual with the true spirit of a teacher.
    Anthony Kaul