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Welcome to the Bold Career Project. . This is founder & Executive Career Consultant, Ian Christie. When it comes to job search and career transition, the goal of the resume is to get you the interview. And, your resume/CV, LinkedIn profile and other personal marketing materials represent who you are professionally. Sounds like a pretty important 1-3 pages, doesn’t it? There’s more. 

Did you know that you have about 10 seconds to get through the first gate. (Actually the first gate might be a nano-second in length as your resume gets scanned by software.) And if an actual human being sees your resume, and you pass through that all-important 10-second filter, you have another minute or so to attract enough interest to be considered for an interview. 

So, the big question is this: Does your current resume make the grade? Does your resume captures the essence of who you are professionally? Does it make the reader want to meet you? Does it set you up for your next position, rather than where you’ve been?

  • As a current executive-level candidate on an executive search or other live opportunity
  • As a senior manager looking to break through to the executive level
  • As a career changer looking to translate your experience and expertise to a new domain
  • As an entrepreneur or self-employed professional needing to capture your work in a traditional format
  • As an executive or senior manager proactively exploring the market

Experienced & Expert Executive & Senior Management Resume Writer

I understand resumes and the perspectives and behaviours of hiring managers, human resources, and executive recruiters. Most importantly, however, based on 20+ years of experience, I understand what it means to craft and design a professional, personal marketing document.

  • As a former executive recruiter, I reviewed and made decisions on hundreds of thousands of resumes
  • As global top 100 MBA career centre director, I advised and taught on resume design and development
  • As an executive career consultant and resume writer, I've helped hundreds of clients
  • My articles and advice on personal branding and resumes have been published widely

Samples of Executive & Senior Management Resume Work

  • Marketing resumes | CMO, VP Marketing, Director Marketing, Manager Marketing
  • Business Development resumes | VP Business Development, Director Business Development
  • Sales resumes | VP Sales, Director Sales, Sales Manager
  • Client Services resumes | VP Client Services, Direct Client Services
  • Event Management resumes | VP Events, Director Events, Manager Events

Samples of Executive & Senior Management Resume Work

  • CEO | Chief Executive Officer
  • COO | Chief Operating Officer
  • CTO | Chief Technology Officer
  • General Management | GM, VP, Vice President & General Manager, Director
  • Finance resumes | CFO, Chief Financial Officer, VP Finance, Director Finance, Controller, Treasurer
  • Corporate Development resumes | VP Corporate Development, Director Corporate Development, M&A
  • Operations, Supply Chain, Logistics Resumes
  • Board resumes | Board member, Board Chair

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  • “I found myself out of work after restructuring at my former employer of 16 years.  My father, a former "C" level senior executive at a public company, had seen a write up on Ian's services and recommended him hands down. What a great recommendation. With Ian's detailed questionnaire, advice and re-writing skills I had a brand new resume in less than a week.   The new resume was a work of art, it was magical at getting me in the door.  My search lasted 6 months during which time I had 30 to 40 interviews and 4 offers.  Ian's resume skills put me in the driver seat, I was able to make a choice because of my resume versus taking the 1st thing to come along.”
    Keith Roth, Controller Fuji Medical Systems

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Service Pricing - Executive Resume Writing Services

Process & FAQs

How does it work? What is the process for the resume services?

  1. Complete your purchase online via credit card or paypal. You will receive an email receipt. 
  2. I will follow-up with a personal email setting next steps and requesting your background information and the context of this project. 
  3. We will agree on a course of action 
  4. We schedule our consultation(s)
  5. We meet over the phone / Skype to discuss your goals, background and target market
  6. I will work on your materials and send you a draft. 
  7. We exchange comments and you sign-off on finalization
  8. I complete and send you your materials.

How long does it take?

It depends on four factors: my current load of pre-existing client commitments, your level of urgency, how much digging you need to do (and your availability) and how much consulting time we need to design your unique value. For an urgent and relatively straight forward situation, it could be less than 48 hours. Typically, 5 days from our consultation.

What if I need it urgently?

Once I understand the scope of the work, I will tell you honestly if I can make the deadline. I will charge a rush fee of $150.

What do I need to do?

Provide me with your background material (past resume/CV, LinkedIn profile URL, notes or documentation), fill out the intake questionnaire (a valuable exercise in thinking through in advance key questions about your strategy).

I don't want to spend any time on this. Can you just make it up?

No. I'm not the service for you.

What is your refund policy?

You can request a refund up to and including the (first) consultation. I do not offer refunds after that point.


I'm based in Vancouver Canada. Much of my work is remote and I provide the LinkedIn profile service to clients in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, other Canadian centres, across the United States and internationally. 

  • The framework for collecting details on my background was efficient and went well beyond what I was able to offer up through my previous resume and conversations, and also prepared me to talk crisply about my past experience. The copy writing he did for me is the best I have seen, which resulted in significantly raising the bar for my resume, LinkedIn profile, and bio. The personalized process and results both exceeded my expectations.
    Leon Campise, Technology Executive


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