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Hi. My name is Ian Christie and I’m a highly-experienced executive career consultant, career coach and personal branding specialist based in Vancouver Canada. Welcome and thank you for your interest in career change services. 

Career Change Defined

I define career change as intentional efforts to make some form of shift either away from or towards a professional direction. Through career change services offered at Bold Career, I specialize in: 

  • Supporting mid-level and senior-level professionals with a track record of success to pivot towards something new or create their own bold project
  • Helping decipher, clarify and package unique professional backgrounds
  • Ideating and identifying natural target markets for your unique skill set
  • Connecting the dots between market need and your offering; through branding and training
  • Enabling the client’s pursuit of personal brand, network development, audience building, self-employment, and online platforms 

Typical situations that I can help…

  • Help you prepare for a specific opportunity (strategy, resume, cover letter, interview coaching)
  • Help you design and navigate a job search (proactive or forced or as an outplacement solution) where your target is similar or at the next level to where you are currently
  • Help you proactively define your professional value and your natural target markets as part of your professional development
  • Help you undertake and navigate a career change; either one where you have ideas to explore and validate, or where your search is open-ended
  • Get you branded and up to speed on LinkedIn or a personal website
  • Enabling your pursuit of a stronger personal brand, network development, audience building, self-employment, and online platform projects
  • Work with you on an ongoing basis to help you achieve your career goals.

Which means results that include…

  • Successful transitions resulting in a bigger role, potentially more income, and/or achieving more alignment between your work and your strengths, interests and values
  • Finally discovering, parsing, appreciating and articulating your professional assets
  • Achieving a greater degree of control over your professional destiny, increased market power and more degrees of professional freedom
  • The pursuit of a bold idea of how you want to contribute in the world
  • And when you need to outsource work on your LinkedIn profile / strategy, resume, etc., a savings of your valuable time and attention.

Here’s a snapshot of my client work late-2016/early 2017 as a career coach Vancouver…

  • Supporting proactive job moves for a CFO, a CTO, a Director of Business Development, Manager, Tech Support and a senior sales rep
  • Leading career change projects for a Director, Customer Support, a VP, Design, a Senior Project Manager, a Partner at an accounting firm, a VP, Operations, a not-for-profit Executive Director, and a founder/CEO looking for what’s next after selling the business.
  • Numerous LinkedIn profiles and resumes (Director Events, Manager Events, Solutions Lead Consultant, VP Client Delivery (digital agency) and more
  • Numerous interview coaching / mock interviews
  • Coaching on online presence and digital marketing for an independent entreprenuer.

I have written widely on career change

I founded the Bold Career Project, a Vancouver-based online career coaching and personal marketing firm in 2002. In addition to working with 1-1 with clients, I’ve created a number of online courses, ebooks, assessments and other resources to help experience professionals develop their careers.

I bring deep experience in the fields of personal marketing, career change, job search and transitions, self-employment, and senior recruitment. I am a passionate believer in the power of the individual to achieve great things. My professional background includes:

  • Through the Bold Career Project, I have coached and consulted with hundreds of clients in Vancouver, across Canada and the US and internationally.
  • Director of Graduate Career Services at Vancouver’s UBC Sauder School of Business 2009-2015),  where I designed, led and taught programs and delivered career coaching to increase the employability and career change goals of thousands of MBAs
  • Senior Director Product Management where I led efforts in the executive and self-employment markets
  • Vancouver-based Executive Recruiter at Caldwell Partners, a top Executive Recruiting firm where I conducted 200+ executive recruiting assignments across a number of industries
  • And I bring the experience of small scale entrepreneurship. My first start-up was bought by Monster and I am currently working as an independent entrepreneur here at Bold Career.

Here is a selection of articles from my blog and articles I’ve published on Career Change:

Millions of readers over the years, including…

  • Feature articles across numerous industry sites including Monster, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, HigherBracket, LiveCareer, and many others
  • Former Monster contributing writer and career change coach and management careers coach
  • Former Workopolis resume writing columnistmanagement careers columnist & recruitment columnist
  • My career content powers the Alumni career services platform at UBC Sauder School of Business
  • Numerous media interviews: Globe & Mail, Canadian Business, Vancouver Sun and numerous other publications.
Ian helped me to take my rather unclear thoughts and ideas regarding my future career path and crystallize them into a realistic and achievable plan to move forward. His approach is straightforward, forthright and it is clear he has a good deal of experience in his field.

Which Career Change Persona Are You?


You are intentionally exploring what else is out there for you. Key questions include: 

  • What is my professional value?
  • What can I do with my unique background? 
  • What should I look for? 
  • How do I identify and learn about that new field?
  • How do I connect the dots with my packaging and search?


You have identified (or think you have) your career change target and need to support to get from here to there. Key issues include: 

  • Is your initial idea a valid one? What do you need to learn to validate your idea? 
  • How can you fine tune your idea to be more successful? 
  • What can you pull from your professional background to strengthen your market power?
  • How do you connect the dots with the needs of the market and your offering?
  • How do you develop a campaign to successfully insert yourself into this new field?


Your career change involves designing your own path or creating something from your unique set of interests and expertise. Key issues include: 

  • Defining your path and offering
  • Tapping into your value in the marketplace as well as understanding the areas you need support
  • Packaging your offering and understanding the revenue models available to you as freelancer, solopreneur, and self-employed professional
  • Understanding the most effective and efficient means of marketing your services including web presence, email list, LinkedIn, content marketing and other means of building audience and reaching customers

My Career Change Services Approach

My work is based on the premise that you have a set of professional assets and that there are natural target markets for what you do. As your career coach, I help you figure out both of these, develop strategy, and execute on branding, campaign approaches and personal marketing. For more transactional assignments (LinkedIn profile, resume, cover letter, interview coaching), I bring my extensive practical experience to bear to help you put your best foot forward. My style involves:

  • A strategic and practical approach to your career development
  • A market-based and marketing focused approach to understanding and connecting the dots between your value and target markets
  • Champion and guide for designing a powerful professional journey
  • A formal, but adaptive process
  • And I’ve developed an online platform to host the models, online course material (video, lessons and downloadable workbooks) that underpin our work together.

Note: The online platform is designed in course format and is available for sale separately.


Interested? Explore available Career Move Programs

Process & FAQs

How does it work? What is the process? 

  1. Contact me to first explore if there is a mutual fit in working together and receive direction on the best service for your unique situation. 
  2. Complete your purchase online via credit card, paypal or interac e-transfer. You will receive an email receipt with onboarding instructions
  3. We will set you up to have full access to the client platform with course videos, workbooks, mind maps and other tools to support our work together. 
  4. We will arrange our first meeting either in-person or via Skype or phone.

Each package has a set # of consulting hours that is applied to any of the following topics based on your needs and priorities. 

  • Goal setting & planning your moves
  • Professional offering definition
  • Target Market Identification / Sharpening
  • Target Value Proposition Development
  • Branding
  • LinkedIn Advice / Support
  • Networking Conversation Scripting / Practice
  • Insights into Interviews with Prep / Practice
  • Recommendations on Campaign Activities
  • Executive Recruiter Insight / Approach Strategy
  • Online strategy
  • Support in the creation of your “thing” – as a freelancer, solopreneur or other project

How long does it take? It depends on four factors: my current load of pre-existing client commitments, your level of urgency, how much digging you need to do (and your availability) and how much consulting time we need. The process can be compressed to a few weeks or for some clients take a few months depending on their needs and availability. 

What do I need to do? Career change is complex and involves self-discovery, exploration, learning and execution. We work together in partnership to achieve this. 

What is your refund policy? You can request a full refund up to and including the first 30 minutes of the first consultation with no questions asked. I do not issue refunds beyond that point. 

Working with Ian Christie of BoldCareer has proven to be one of the best decisions I have made in my professional career. With Ian’s assistance, I developed an understanding of my own skills and abilities, and I now feel empowered as I know how and to whom I can market my skills to achieve desired results. I was a very challenging client as I had extensive experience in a unique industry with seemingly little transference to other industries; particularly industries that provided the personal fit I so desperately sought. Ian facilitated a structured analysis and definition of my skills which we then packaged and used to approach targeted firms. As a result, I was offered exactly what I was looking for: a challenging position; working with exceptional people and technology; and, within an industry that I am passionate about. I recommend Ian to anyone who wants to take charge of their career and establish a trajectory that can create considerable personal and professional growth.

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